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Choosing the Right Hardware

Digital pathology is a specialized field that requires advanced hardware and software to support the accurate and efficient analysis of digital images of tissue samples. When selecting monitors, computers, and other hardware for digital pathology, several specifications are essential to ensure the best performance and accuracy.

Firstly, monitors with high resolution and color accuracy are critical to ensure that tissue samples are accurately displayed.  Secondly, the computer should have a powerful processor and adequate RAM to handle large image files quickly and efficiently. The computer should also have a dedicated graphics card to support displaying high-resolution images. Thirdly, other hardware, such as a high-quality scanner, storage devices, and backup systems, should be selected based on their speed, capacity, and reliability to ensure that digital images are stored and accessed safely and efficiently.

Overall, the specifications required for monitors, computers, and other hardware for digital pathology should be carefully considered to ensure that the hardware can handle the large and complex image files required for accurate tissue analysis.

Factors to consider while choosing monitor/display for Digital Pathology

  • Screeen Size

  • Resolution

  • Image Brightness

  • Refresh rate

  • Contrast

  • Color

  • Calibration

  • Quality control


Specifications for Workstation/Computer for Digital Pathology

  • CPU - 4 K Resolution Intel Core (TM) I7- 700 Processor

  • RAM - 16GB Memory or higher

  • HArd Drive - 128 GB SSD & SATA 1 TB Disk

  • Graphics - 8 GBVideo card GPU Memory: 4GB GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

  • USB - USB 3.0, USB 2.0

  • Operating System - Windows 10 Professional 64 bit

  • Disc - DVD Recorder(Optional)

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse 64 Bit

This data is an attempt to compile the various tools available for digital pathology solutions.  Submit your feedback for additions, corrections, questions or comments. 

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