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About histofy

Histofy is a spin-out from the Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) Centre at the University of Warwick that specialises in the development of image analysis solutions for pathology. With over 250 publications in leading journals and conferences from research spanning over 20 years,

Thoroughly understand the process of technology development from conception to validation, placing us in a prime position to further develop and exploit AI technologies and integrate them in your workflows.

Digital Pathology Solutions by histofy

Avant-Garde AI for Cellular Pathology

Tools for tissue image analysis

Tissue based diagnostics and prognostics

Image analysis for pharmaceutical research

Key features

    Help to Drive the Future of Pathology

    Histofy is dedicated towards developing transparent AI solutions for computational pathology, with a special focus on tissue-based diagnostics and prognostics.

    The company’s innovative technology is aimed at integrating with existing workflows to streamline pathology and deliver personalised medicine.

    Histofy is devoted to the development of world-leading AI algorithms for advanced tissue image analytics that can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.


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